Nissan CPO FAQs


  1. What added benefits do I get with my Nissan certified pre-owned vehicle?
    • Emergency roadside assistance: Nissan Emergency Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 and provides flat tire changes with your good spare, dead battery jump services and lock-out assistance. You’ll have access to roadside assistance for the duration of your 7- year/100,000 mile limited warranty.
    • Car rental reimbursement: If your car is need of major services that are covered by your warranty you will get reimbursed for renting a car for up to 5 days and a maximum of $35 per day.
    • Towing assistance: You have access to up to $100 of towing assistance. Nissan will even tow your vehicle to the nearest Nissan dealership within 250 miles of your breakdown.
    • Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty Ownership Transferability: You are able to transfer your Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty to one subsequent private owner for the duration of the warranty period. If you would like to transfer your limited warranty to another individual, click HERE for the form. Simply bring it to us at Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie and we will assist in transferring your warranty.
    • Trip interruption coverage: If you experience a mechanical breakdown of a part that is covered by your warranty and you are more than 100 miles from your home you are covered for up to $500 for meals, lodging and alternative transportation home.
    • Sirius XM free trial: If your Nissan CPO car is equipped with satellite radio, then you will receive a free 3-month trial of Sirius XM. You’ll have access to over 140 channels of music, talk shows, sports and more
  2. What is covered in my Nissan CPO 7-year/100,000 mile limited warranty?
    • Engine: The cylinder heads and bloc, all internal parts, rocker covers, oil pan, valvetrain and front cover, timing chain, tensioner, oil pump, fuel pump, fuel injectors, intake and exhaust manifolds, turbocharger, flywheel, seals and gaskets
    • Transmission and transfer case: Case and all internal parts, torque converter, converter housing, automatic transmission control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals, gaskets and electronic transmission controls.
    • Drivetrain: Drive shafts, final drive housing and all internal parts, propeller shafts, universal joints, bearings seals and gaskets
    • Deductible: All repairs covered under the Nissan CPO 7-year/100,000 mile limited warranty are subject to a $50 deductible
    • Replacement parts: All parts replacements will be made with a new or remanufactured Nissan replacement part. If for some reason a replacement part from Nissan is not available, we may authorize a part sourced from an outside manufacturer of equal kind and quality to be used in making the repair.
  3. Can I get a longer more extensive protection plan?
    • If your certified pre-owned Nissan is nearing the end of its extended warranty or if you simply want a more extensive coverage plan, we can help with Nissan’s Security+Plus Extended Protection Plan. This plan covers more than 1,300 components of your car including the electrical, audio/video/navigation, suspension, steering, climate control system and brakes. You can get this additional protection plan for 7 years/100,000 miles or 8 years/120,000 miles! If you’re interested in learning more about this protection plan, simply call us at (410)702-2839 and one of our dedicated sales professionals will be able to answer all your questions.
  4. Are there any special offers or deals for Nissan Certified Pre-Owned cars?
    • Yes! We have access to Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation which has great deals and rates for Nissan Certified Pre-Owned cars! Click HERE to check out all our pre-owned car specials.