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NissanUSA is always looking to the future and trying to find ways to enhance the overall driving experience. The many different technologies they create and improve on all have one thing in common, helping drivers be more comfortable and safe. Not only do they work to safeguard drivers, they also work to help protect the environments and world we live in. At Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie, we could not be more excited the Nissan's new innovations! Scroll down to learn all about Nissan's many new, fun and exciting technologies!

Nissan ProPILOT Assist

Look to the future with Nissan Pro-Pilot Assist!
Nissan USA is always looking to the future and strives to be the leader in automotive technology. As the world continues to grow and change, Nissan is committed to facing these changes by building zero emissions vehicles that can save lives. At Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie we fully support this mission, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Nissan USA has taken its first steps towards this goal with the launch of ProPILOT Assist! The Nissan ProPILOT Assist is a new technology that will lessen driver fatigue and provide a more enjoyable driving experience. Scroll down to learn how Nissan's ProPILOT technology works!

One of Nissan's many long-term goals is to build a fully autonomous vehicle that will help to enhance the driving experience for everyone. They hope to build vehicles that are smarter and safer to help keep everyone on the roads protected. While their long term goal is a fully autonomous vehicle they by no means want to take people out of the driving experience which is why Nissan's ProPILOT Assist must be turned on by the driver. The driver simply has to push the ProPILOT Assist button on the steering wheel to turn it on or off. 

How Nissan ProPilot Works:
ProPILOT Assist utilizes a series of cameras, radars, sensors and an electronic control module to help keep the driver in the middle of the lane, maintain the driver established vehicle speed, and help maintain a safe gap from the vehicle in front if the speed drops below the driver established speed. Scroll down to learn more about the ProPILOT Assist functions. 

Steering Assist: Using the sensors and cameras ProPILOT Assist will read the lane markers to keep the driver in the middle of the lane. The driver MUST have their hands on the steering wheel at all times for this function to work. If the driver has too light a touch on the wheel the warning system will activate warning the driver to put more pressure. 

*Note: the driver's input always takes priority over the ProPILOT Assist functions. So if the driver signals or turns the steering wheel ProPilot Assist will go into standby mode.* 
 The green lines will appear on the dash when ProPILOT assist is activated to keep the driver in the middle of the lane.

Intelligent Cruise Control: Once the driver has reached the desired speed they simply push the Intelligent Cruise Control button and the car will continue to drive at that speed unless it notices another car in front is not going that fast. If the car can't drive at the desired speed Intelligent Cruise Control keeps a buffer between you and the car in front. 
Nissan ProPILOT Assist is an incredible first step on the journey to making an autonomous vehicle and will be making its debut in 2018 Nissan LEAF vehicles! Not only is Nissan continuing to improve the ProPILOT Assist by working to add more features, it is also continuing to come out with new technologies that will revolutionize the way we drive. Click here to learn even more about Nissan's ProPILOT Assist. 


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