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What is the difference between a compact temporary and a full-size spare tire?

Most cars have a compact spare tire stored in the trunk of passenger cars, for use during an emergency. These donuts, though, are not meant as permanent replacements. Because of their specifications, it's only safe to use them for a limited amount of time.

A spare, or "donut" tire is smaller than a standard one. It needs to be, in order to fit in your trunk. Since they're smaller, spares have a speed limitation. When you're using one, you'll need to drive more slowly for safety reasons.

Larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, are positioned…
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How Your Alternator Works in Your Vehicle

The alternator in your vehicle is responsible for bringing electricity to your starter, lights and other accessories. When your alternator doesn't work properly, you can have trouble starting your car in the morning.

If your lights go dim for no reason or your battery light goes on while driving, it's time to bring your car to Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie for further inspection.

When your alternator is going, your battery won't charge well while you are driving your vehicle. While your battery normally charges up completely while driving, this isn't possible with a bad alternator…
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Windshield Washer Fluid Is Far More Important Than Most Drivers Realize

Every vehicle has a windshield washer system that operates an electrical pump, which disperses fluid to the windshield and wiper blades. Some vehicles are equipped with a preheated system to deliver the washer fluid, which is an added advantage during lower temperatures in Glen Burnie.

The reason washer fluid is so important to your vehicle is because the windshield plays the most significant role in your driving ability. If your driver vision is compromised by dirt, bugs, or grime on the windshield, then you’re putting yourself and others at a greater risk on the road...
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Schedule your Next Service Appointment Online

Finding additional time to save can be somewhat challenging with everything that we have going on in our lives. That's why finding something as great as our online service scheduler means that you will want to use it over and over again. It’s a great tool that allows you to make your appointment choice for having your vehicle service completed.

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Why To Choose Winter Weather Wiper Blades

Winter weather is always a very tricky time for your vehicle. One thing to remember is that it's crucial to have the right set of wiper blades. That is the reason why we at Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie are here to support you with the wiper blades that you need. Having the right blades is very crucial to your ability to avoid spinning out of control on the road!

It's always important to keep in mind is that Bosch wiper blades are designed for the most extreme weather conditions. Even when the weather is extreme, these wiper…
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Drive a well-maintained vehicle with help from our service and repair center

There are no guarantees when it comes to Mother Nature. That's why driving a well-maintained vehicle makes every season easy to navigate. Our onsite service and repair center here at Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie strives to deliver exceptional service, maintenance and repairs in order for you to enjoy your vehicle for a long time to come.


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Whether it's seasonal maintenance and you're preparing for trickier driving conditions or you're simply coming in for a tune-up or inspe

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Accessories to Make Your Nissan Murano Even More Amazing

Taking to the road in a new Nissan Murano is an incredible feeling but, like all great things, you can make it even better with the right parts and accessories! Our favorite Japanese automaker makes it easy to get the capability your life demands with genuine parts; from splash guards, to towing accessories, to roof rails, and much more, you'll get just the thing you need to make your Murano your own. Take a look below to see a sample of what else you can add to your vehicle:



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