Reasons to Keep your Gas Tank Filled

When you are at the fuel pump, do you normally fill up your tank? Or do you get in a hurry and just add a few dollars here and there? Odds are, if you are not filling up you are doing more harm than you realize.

With the potential for build-up in a tank that is frequently empty, your system is more likely to pull that into the fuel lines, creating issues. In the winter time, its even more important to keep that tank full. When the weather is cold outside, it can do bad things to our vehicles. Cold weather can make hoses and connectors expand. Without a full tank , this could allow air to get into the fuel system, or it could even allow for gaps introducing sediments into the fuel system. Either of these issues could create a condition for your automobile that would be detrimental to your car’s performance.

Keep your gas tank at a proper level this winter season and stay up to date on routine maintenance by visiting our service center here at Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie soon.

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