Tires Help Keep You Safe

Regular inspections of tires can help save money and improve driving safety. Treads grip the road and promote safety in steering, stopping, and acceleration. Worn tires do not provide satisfactory traction and handling. Gas mileage also goes down when tire wear prevents proper road contact.

Glen Burnie drivers know the value of a good set of tires. The treads must hold the road and provide traction and stopping power. Treadwear can rob drivers of the control they need to handle road conditions, weather, and emergency situations. Drivers should look at their tires often for signs of wear, cracks, splits, and low pressure.

At Sheehy Nissan of Glen Burnie, we invite you to make an appointment or just drop by. We offer a complete program of tire maintenance beginning with inspections and manufacturers recommendations for rotation and tread wear. When you must replace the tires, we can provide options that meet your vehicle's requirements and match your driving style.
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